Revolution In Real Estate Sector

Everyone wants to buy a Dream Home , but current situation of the real estate market is going through turbulent times. The market is down and there has been no significant sale – skyrocketing prices and difference between the demand and aspiration being the reasons.

Currently, there is a huge confusion at the policy level. The Centre and the state government are constantly changing their housing and urban policies and this has confused developers as well as investors. Prime Minister Narendra Modi had promised that by 2022 each citizen will get a house to stay. On the line of the Centre, the Maharashtra government has planned to construct almost 11 lakh houses — six lakh in Mumbai in the next five years. "Government does make ambitious and gigantic plans but hardly anything comes out of them.

The system should be transparent and developer-friendly. The construction of houses should be put at the mission mode and those who have more than one house should be penalised by imposing heavy taxes. The houses should be used for the purpose of staying. It should not be used as a commercial commodity, otherwise buying and selling with huge profit will kill the essence of the dream home.

Home buyers India is a Real Estate Agency which Will Guide you through the home buying process through the Seminars and will assist you to get home loan as per current market rates and every other aspect of home buying. On the basis of this scenario, we hereby are launching the Property Expo - HBIEXPO in Sept 2015

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